Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Bloody Hands That Hold Drumsticks

Been listening to this song repeatedly (my recent introduction to Two Gallants), happy to be at a place in my life and marriage where we have time alone to stay up all night and listen to songs repeatedly without disturbing each other.

Watching this live performance of it made me recognize how much of what I love is the THE PERCUSSION. And watching two people who've been friends and playing together for so long, working together on a stage is potent. I hope they come to Seattle soon.

I love drummers, and love the layers of noisy heart-wrenching magic this duo creates. I like the faster tempo of the live version, which is more bitterly resentful-sounding, but disguises some of the emo drama of the studio version (not that I want that disguised, but it's an interesting effect).

Looking forward to beating myself up with all of the rest of their music.

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