Thursday, March 27, 2008

Price Hike for Broadcasters

It's getting very hard to justify the expense of broadcasting my station -- they just hiked the price by $40 a quarter.

Maybe this will be the push I need to invest more time in it, though. With more effort I could call it an advertising expense by using it to get more exposure to our websites. Actually, I *do* call it an advertising expense already, but it's not really paying off (my fault, totally, for not putting the work into it). It's also like a plug-in for my members; I imagine that's where most of my listeners come from (but I can't tell since the personal broadcaster stats aren't very detailed/don't show referrers); I don't know any other porn sites like mine featuring a radio station broadcast by the girl herself so I think it's a unique bonus. It doesn't have to be a great station to be worthwhile just for sharing part of my music library and tastes with my members who like knowing more about me.

Today I finally bought the domain, If I can step up my podcasting and integrate that into my station plus get more playlists cooking, I should easily earn back the money for the broadcasting account I have now (it would take about eight joins per quarter to pay for the station; about three joins per month).

Ideally I'd be able to afford a pro broadcasting account so I could customize the players and stream it directly from my site (hence the leap of faith in purchasing even though I don't have time to do anything with it right now). I think the pro accounts start at around $99 a month which isn't too expensive for what it is; I just don't have the money or time to put into it right now. I guess I should make a plan for that which would involve:


*ripping and buying more music to expand my .mp3 library, uploading all of that, creating more playlists for variety, spending more time listening to music and researching new stuff

*recording station identifiers and advertisements letting people know who I am . . . and that I have porn sites where people can see me naked and live on cam

*assessing impact of those two things on number of listeners and site signups resulting directly from radio exposure


*recording podcasts that I can integrate/play on the station

*assessing the effect of "talk" on listener hours and signups


*If all of that boosts listening hours and signups to be worth a) the time I put into it and b) the cost of upgrading to a pro broadcasting account, developing with a custom player, guests, more music, schedule, live broadcasts, call-in shows, chat, etc.

It can't be something that would take away from my website, so it would have to augment what I already do online; that should naturally occur because my site members would enjoy it, and the free listeners would probably want to join so they could enjoy watching me on cam while I'm broadcasting, looking at naked pics of me, blah blah blah. If it were a success, I should be able to get other people to take over a lot of the work in exchange for advertising/exposure.

Just thinking out loud here . . .