Sunday, November 19, 2006

Magazine Recs

I'd love to subscribe to a good music review magazine. Every so often I pick up Paste or No Depression, but I'd like something representing an even more diverse spectrum of music. And no, I don't want great *websites* that do that, I want print. That you can read while sitting on the toilet taking a dump, know what I mean?

Any recommendations?

Flash Mysteries

It really annoys me when music(ian) websites loop pretty little bits and pieces of music on their sites BUT FAIL TO NOTE WHAT SONG IS BEING PLAYED/SAMPLED. It's like, THANKS! You sold me on your little ditty and I've no fucking clue what it is. NOT VERY INFORMATIVE. It's like Michael Stipe in the days when he refused to put song lyrics in the liner notes, only stupider.

Or maybe it's brilliant marketing. Maybe they figure surfers will like that little mystery piece so much they will buy every single album to FIND that little chunk of music that hooked them.

But probably it's just a thoughtless design oversight.

Crushing: Sean Lennon

I think I have a crush on Sean Lennon after seeing/watching/hearing him on one of those stupid entertainment shows. I've never been immersed in any aspect of Beatlemania so I'm almost entirely ignorant of what Sean and Julian have been up to, but Sean radiates an awkward confidence and bumblingly brilliant sense of humour that makes him seem defiantly human. Poorly groomed charisma -- it knocks me out, like a deflated, introverted Jack Black. SEXY.