Monday, August 06, 2012

A Very Purple Playlist

In order, the songs that inspired my very purple camshow 7/12/12:

1. The Beautiful Ones - Prince (from Purple Rain)
2. Computer Blue - Of Montreal (from Spin Presents "Purplish Rain")
3. Purple Rain - Lavender Diamond (from Spin Presents "Purplish Rain")
4. I Would Die 4 U - Prince (from Purple Rain)
5. The Beautiful Ones - Fol Chen (from Spin Presents "Purplish Rain")
6. Take Me With U - Prince (from Purple Rain)
7. Darling Nikki - Prince and the Revolution (from Purple Rain)
8. When Doves Cry - Prince (from Purple Rain)
9. (When Doves Cry AGAIN! Because it brings back dirty memories/ confused longings)

It's really saaaaad that you can't buy the covers off of Spin's "Purplish Rain". I am particularly fond of Lavender Diamond's version of Purple Rain (and when I was looking for it on Amazon I discovered Etta James covered that song too), and glad I was reminded of Fol Chen via the Spin album:

Purple Rain will always be one of my favorite albums; aside from the big classic hits on it, the sounds of I "Would Die 4 U" and "Take Me With U" are uniquely shiver-making. Nothing sounds like them or makes me feel like those songs do: because they're so 80's Prince and because of the age I was when they came out.

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