Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Downgraded (but not Disheartened)

Recently I had to downgrade my broadcaster account because we just couldn't afford it. That means I now have less storage space for songs and fewer people can listen at one time.

We can deal with that for the summer, but by fall my goal is to upgrade to an even better broadcasting package than I had before with twice the storage space AND transition the name/channel to TrixieRadio (instead of the old whipsofopinion/human condition thing). It costs almost $500 for a year (by buying a year it's $240 less than paying monthly) so I'm asking for your help in raising that money since I can't really justify spending the dough otherwise:

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In the meantime I'm doubling the sound quality of my broadcast. It may be a bad time to do it since I already have HALF the storage space I did before for songs (and this will slice that in half again, so I'm left with 25% of the space) but I'll try to spend more time deleting and uploading tracks so there's a better rotation or, at least, as good as there was before (which wasn't very good, I know, but I've been fighting a losing battle with such limited space, having to spend hours deleting and uploading tracks to offer anything fresh and different on a regular basis which, again, I can't justify since it takes so much computer time that I *should* be spending on work that actually makes money).

Anyway, I'll also add a few links to the sidebar here for people who want to donate in other ways by helping me buy new music on Amazon (which has become my .mp3 downloader of choice).

Thanks for all of the awesome feedback and support; it makes me happy knowing people are out there listening to music I love and want to share. Ultimately my goal is to get a professional broadcasting package from Live365 so people can listen for free with NO ADS from them, but that's a little more than I can justify spending until business is better. It's much more cost effective (I'd be able to add tons of storage space without upgrading the whole package, for example) but I wouldn't have time to utilize and promote it anyway AND I don't want to upgrade it unless I have the budget to KEEP it. Someday I will bring you sexy guest dj's and live broadcasts ad-free, though!

PS - in the process of clearing out old tracks that exceed my storage space AND uploading new tracks at a higher bitrate, there MIGHT be some dead air. But at the end of it? New music! Thanks for your patience.

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